A lady from Tront,Canada.

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友人の外国人着付け練習にご協力頂きまして、優雅な姿を見せてくれました。時間がありましたので、近所の太鼓練習に行きましたら偶然にも日本チャンピオンのパフォーマンスを観覧でき大満足のご様子でした。A lady guest came from Canada who is a 4th generation of Japanese Canadian through Voyagin.We cooked hand folding sushi,tempura,miso-soup. Thanks for her cooperation with my friends practicing dress for foreigner real silk kimono.Since we had an extra time,we went to watch drum practice close to my house,we chanced to see Japan’s champion team performance.So,she wrote the best review for us!!