Experience No.1  (Intensive course on Wednesday)

I would like to introduce a Japanese flower arrangement teacher who speaks fluent English.
Her name is Kayoko. She became my partner,
She’d  be happy teaching flower arrangement (Ikebana) in English to foreign people.

IMG_1262 2014-04-05 八重桃_ラッパ水仙_チューリップ教室風景


Instructor Kayoko Kondo

Ikebana experience : Basic Moribana Style using a shallow container with Kenzan
(weight with needle)


13:30~  Meet at Kachigawa station ticket gate and go to Aki’s house
13:40~14:00  Introduction to the activity. Ikebana demonstration by Kayoko.
14:00~15:00  Experience an ikebana lesson.
15:00~15:30  Tea&sweet break. Instructor’s comment on each ikebana work.
16:00~17:00  Go to soba noodle making lesson
17:00~19:00  Back to Aki’s house, making tempura and noodlesauce,boiling noodle
19:00~20:00 Dinner time
20:00~Send you off to Kachigawa station.




This is an intensive Japanese experience course, but you can experience real Ikebana work and soba noodle making and tempura,noodlesauce cooking. Each cost will be ¥5000 for Ikebana, ¥3000 for soba making, ¥4000 for cooking.  Number of paticipants : 3~4🌸  What to bring: N/A 🌸  The price exclude is train ticket fee.

You can have discount  ¥10000  on Wednesday only.  (half price for children 6years old ~12years old.)

We look forward to seeing you our intensive course!

Ikebana and cooking course available on Thusday too  starting from 14:30pm.



 Experience No.2   (Nagoya culture)

 Here are artizan in Nagoya.  One is Nagoya Yuzen dyeing craftman,

the other is Nagoya sensu(fan)artist.


Nagoya Yuzen is a traditional Japanese dyeing technique used to apply patterns and designs to men’s and women’s kimono and textiles.  Kyoto Yuzen is gorgeous.Kaga(Kanazawa)Yuzen uses 5distinct colors with overglaze techniques,Tokyo Yuzen is modern and chic. Nagoya Yuzen is chic,but deeper more somber using minimalistic color.


Mr.Akatsuka was born in family of Nagoya Yuzen Dyeing Workshop where is succeeding for over 85years. He got prominent awards 5times ever. He dye the patterns using the Ise-katagami stencil. There are about 1000ptterns.

He provides  Nagoya Yuzen dyeing workshop for foreigner.

800x0_shokuninten_30_0[1]This experience is making a plate  mat.

Duration:  about 1 hour

Cost:  JPY2500 include material

Access: 6 Okura- town Kita- ward Nagoya- city

There are 2ways to the workshop.

(1)Take subway(Higashiyama-line runs every5mins.) from Nagoya-sta. Transfer at Sakae-sta. to Meijo-line,Get off Shigahondori-sta.(志賀本通駅)It takes 20mins.from Nagoya-station. It takes 3mins walk from Shigahondori-sta.

(2)Take subway(Sakuradori-line runs every10mins)from Nagoya-sta. Transfer at Hisayaodori-sta. to Meijo-line,Get off at Shigahondori-sta.(志賀本通駅)It takes 19mins. from Nagoya-sta. It takes 3mins walk from Shigahondori-sta.


240x0_shokuninten_15_0[1]shokuninten_33_0[1]This lady is a Nagoya sense(fan)artist.The sense is a Japanese creation that originated around the beginning of the ninth century.

You can experience how to make Nagoya sense from her.

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: JPY1200 include material


1-1-8 Kikui-town Nishi-ward Nagoya-city

There are 2ways to the workshop.

(1)Take subway(Higashiyama-line runs every5mins.) from Nagoya-sta. Transfer at Fushimi-sta. to Tsurumai-line,Get off Sengen-cho sta.(浅間町駅)It  takes 13mins.from Nagoya-station. It takes 3mins walk from Sengencho-sta.

(2)Take subway(Sakuradori-line runs every10mins)from Nagoya-sta. Transfer at Marunouchi-sta. to Tsurumai-line,Get off at Sengencho-sta.(浅間町駅)It takes 13mins. from Nagoya-sta. It takes 3mins walk from Sengencho-sta.


Experience No.3 (Walking in Kimono in  Arimatsu town)


Her name is Yuri Ogawa who has helped foreign students as a host mother for many years.

A devoted mother ,Yuri tooked care of students from Taiwan,Australia, Mongol, England, Belgian, Italy, Korea, Thailand, Germany.

She can offer wearing kimono for foreigner at cozy her house near Arimatsu old town. You can stroll in Kimono around this town.



🌸🌸 Duration: 2hours

 🌸 Cost will be JPY5000

 🌸Meet at Kyowa station of  JRTokaido-line.

Please take  JR Tokaido-line bound for Toyohashi,Oobu,Get off  Kyowastation to the east exit.Take track No.1 or No.2 of JR Tokaido-line in Nagoya-station.You can take both.

When you take local train, it takes 20mins by 7stops to Kyowa.(Nagoya→Otoubashi→Kanayama→Atsuta→Kasadera→Oodaka→Minamiodaka→Kyowa)

When you take express train,it takes 12mins by 2stops to Kyowa.(Nagoya→Kanayama→Kyowa)

The price exclude is train ticket fee.   More detail →おもてなし・HANA

Experience No.4 (Decorating Sushi making) or

Beatiful Japanese sweets “Nerikiri(wagashi)” and Matcha

(1)Decorating sushi is one of the Japanese culinary arts. You can make 4kinds of decorated sushi rolls In addition to this you can make mascot character sushi,if you like. Fumie is a close friend of mine who is interested in cross cultural exchange. She speaks fluent English.

(2)You can practice making traditional sweets as a form of Japanese culinary art!

Please choose (1) or (2)

Meet at the ticket gate of Kami-Otai Station around 10 am on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,and Friday.
We’ll walk to Fumie’s house together.
The schedule is as follows:
10:00 – 12:00: making decoration sushi rolls
12:00 – 12:30: eating time
12:30: Send you off to the station.
There are many kinds of decorated sushi rolls (Four seas,Rose, Totoro, Minions many more,).
You can choose making some of them.
Enjoy making pretty traditional cake made of white bean jam which is artistically colored or shaped. Experience this near downtown Nagoya.
This cost will be JPY5500 each,
The kids under 12 years old cost will be half.
Duration:2hours and half