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Course A

Ramen , Japanese dessert, Fillet a fish are a la carte available that cost will be ¥4000+320(8%tax). Please ask me any time!


  Shoyu-ramen                    Miso-ramen

Course B

¥7000+560(8%tax) for Everyday-Home-Cooking  


🍣2 Kawaii-Caracter-Sushi with seafood soup

This recipe changes every month, please see my blog or

 feel free to consult me.

I would be happy to customize recipe upon  your cooking skill.

These recipes might not be seen in restaurants in overseas, because these are hand down from mother and grandmother.  I ‘d like to take them down to next generation.

I always welcome foreign residents in Japan too. 




Course C

¥9400+752(8%tax) for Tempura and Sushi comes with seafood soup.

This course is the most suitable for party scene.

* This course takes around 4 hours in total.

All the English recipes comes with picutures.

We offer authentic tea ceremony after cooking lesson.

1-10 guests available.  Welcome!  Halal, Vegan

We are open     hour  11:00am~21:00pm


Only if you are interested in watching drum performance and Japanese fencing ,
I’d like to take you there close to my house after lesson.
Please ask me when it is available.