Personal Information Protection Guidelines

1 Collecting, use and provision of personal information
Establishing corporate regulation covering the rule of personal information collection, usage, provision, transfer and control, AKI HOME VISIT JAPAN shall manage to handle personal information appropriately.

2 Implementation of safety measures
AKI HOME VISIT JAPAN shall implement safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data or the leakage, rewrite, loss, or damage of personal data.

3 Compliance with laws and regulations
In handling personal information, AKI HOME VISIT JAPAN shall comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the protection of such information. The Company rules shall reflect all those laws and regulations.

4 Building of a compliance program and continuous improvement
AKI HOME VISIT JAPAN shall build a compliance program for the protection of personal information, and while implementing and maintaining the program, AKI HOME VISIT JAPAN shall make regularly reviews of the program as part of our efforts for continuous improvement.

5 Customer service representative
AKI HOME VISIT JAPAN shall maintain a customer service representative and person in charge of any inquires regarding personal information.