Great guest

Great guest 2015.11.8

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I had a great guest who traveled to Japan 4times from Singapore last week!
They wanted me to offer autumn dishes,so I made autumn recipes for them.
Here are autumn nostalgia(see clockwise), 1,Steamed rice with oyster
2,Simmered taro with squid(里いもとイカの煮物)
3,Grilled plum and perilla leaf in pacific saury(秋刀魚梅しそ挟み焼き)
4,Mother’s soup in autumn and winter time(けんちん汁)

They were real gentlemen, they gave me raving mail as follow.

Dear Aki 

Thank you for a wonderful time last night. Kit and I really enjoyed cooking those recipes, which was something that we never eaten before, and so many new unusual ingredients. 

Also you taught me some new tricks like microwaving the pumpkin to make it soft first. I really like your knives, how do you keep it so sharp? 

I regret to say that that we are going to fly out on Sat morning. So we will have to decline your kind invite. 

But we are looking forward to visiting this area again, and when we do, we will definitely look you up! 

Please thank your daughter too for showing us the tea ceremony. I enjoy watching it because it is very calming to the mind and spirit. 

It’s a good experience for visitors like myself to learn not just the food part of Japan but also other cultural experiences too. 

Ki O tsukete kudasai!