Hot springs

Hot springs 2015.12.19


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There are over 3000hot-springs in Japan. Here is Shirahone-onsen(白骨温泉) in Nagano-prefecture. It is a sulfur and carbonated spring.


Aoni-onsen(青荷温泉) in Aomori-prefecture. Here is a famous  hotel for  lamp.






Kaniyu-onsen(蟹場温泉ー乳頭温泉郷)in Akita-prefecture.




Tsurunoyu(Nyutou-onsen-village)鶴の湯・乳頭温泉郷in Akita-prefecture. Summer-time and winter-time.


People who has tatoo are not suppose to take a public hot springs in Japan. Because Japanese people associate tatoo with Japanese mafia(Yakuza). We disgust this group.(反社会的勢力)We know that it’s a fashion among young people. But this is still an old rule in Japan.

When you take a hot springs here, please buy a skin color seal then put it on your tatoo.This sticker does’nt peel off in hot water easily. Or you’d better book private hot spring.(Kashikiri-furo 貸し切り風呂)

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