Obon (Bon Festival)

Obon (Bon Festival) 2015.8.13

The Ancestors Return

お供え (1)提灯 (2)提灯 (1)

Obon is a Buddhist event that takes place around July15. In most areas,obon is held from August 13 to 16.
Spirit altars are made to welcome back ancestors. Offerings,water,incense,lantern and animals made with vegetables are offered to the spirits. Most of Japanese company take off during Bon holiday, people move around Japan or overseas. Traffic jam is seen at major highways.

大文字お供え (2)

In the end of Obon, many events also take place to send ancestors. Daimonnji-yaki in Kyoto and kaze-no-bon in Toyama  are very well-known events. At the same time people feel the end of summer.