Testimony 2016.6.26

A Magical Evening from Tara

Thank you to Akiko, her daughter, and her friend. I had the most magical evening. Akiko met me at the train station and brought me to her house. I was greeted by her daughter, where we had a Japanese sweet and the tea ceremony with matcha green tea. From there, Akiko and I spent time in the kitchen cooking dashi, Japanese omlette, tempera, sushi, and miso soup. We then enjoyed our meal together. It was delicious. After that, Akiko’s friend dressed me in a kimono. Amazing! They then took me to a local taiko drumming practice. Upon our return, we had green tea and sweets, and then Akiko guided me back to the station. I am truly grateful for my experience last night. I feel so blessed to have visited Nagoya and met these wonderful women.

  • Yoshiko Yoshiko

    Very OISHII!

     We made a tofu Dish, tofu soup, tofu burger, tofu Dip, tofu Teriyaki and tofu cake. All of them were very OISHIII!
    Thanks to Akiko sensei; her daughter gave us matcha Tea with grape manju. Arigato gozai mashita!
  • Leon Leon

    great cooking class

     Thank you for your kindness and your great cooking class, and also for Megumi’s tea ceremony.
    It was all really fun and educational, and I will certainly try to make some of it at home.
    I will also definitely check out your gyouza recipe!
    If I have any questions about Japanese cooking, I will not hesitate to contact you.
    Thank you for everything!
  • James James

    a wonderful time

    Dear Aki
    Thank you for a wonderful time last night. Kit and I really enjoyed cooking those recipes, which was something that we never eaten before, and so many new unusual ingredients.
    Also you taught me some new tricks like microwaving the pumpkin to make it soft first. I really like your knives, how do you keep it so sharp?
    I regret to say that that we are going to fly out on Sat morning. So we will have to decline your kind invite.
    But we are looking forward to visiting this area again, and when we do, we will definitely look you up!
    Please thank your daughter too for showing us the tea ceremony. I enjoy watching it because it is very calming to the mind and spirit.
    It’s a good experience for visitors like myself to learn not just the food part of Japan but also other cultural experiences too.
    Ki O tsukete kudasai!

  • Moytle Moytle

    Amazing experience!

     This is hands down the best way to learn about the Japanese culture, learn how to cook some great tasting dishes and see inside of a Japanese families home. It was very clean, easy to schedule and safe. We had a wonderful time and would do it again anytime! Thank you Aki!
  • Kytherababe Kytherababe

    Memorable Japanese Cooking Experience

     Several months have passed since I took a 1/2 day cooking lesson from Akiko. It was a wonderful experience: personalized, educational and fun. Aikiko is very thorough in how she explains the art of Japanese cooking. We made sushi and tempura that was just delicious! It was amazing to watch her use only chopsticks to whip eggs, turn omletes and fry tempura-that was an art in itself. I hope to go back to Nagoya someday and take lesson #2. Great experience; I would highly recommend it.
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