The recipes of August

The recipes of August 2015.8.12

Cold thinly sliced pork and vegetable with tofu cream
(Rei- shabu tofu yuzu pepper cream) 

クリームとうふ水氷冷しゃぶ(Ingredients for 3 servings)

200g tofu-※To get rid of water of tofu, put tofu in micro wave oven for 2mins. Wipe the water off from tofu by paper towel.
2 tbsp-vinegar
1tbsp-vegetable oil
1tbsp-yuzu citron pepper paste (柚子こしょう)
1 tbsp-white miso

300g-thinly sliced pork
300g-mustard spinach
100g-king trumpet mushroom

①Mix tofu with vinegar, vegetable oil, yuzu citron pepper paste, miso well by a whisk.
②Boil pork in hot water for 2mins. Soak boiled pork into iced water. Then drain it.
③Cut into 3cm long boiled mustard spinach. Fry sliced king trumpet mushroom.
④Serve cold pork and vegetable with tofu cream.

Steamed rice with pickled Ume (Japanese apricot)

うめ梅混ぜるご飯梅(Ingredients for 4servings)

2- cups of rice
2&1/4 cups of water
2tbsp-minced pickled ume
a little of cutted perilla leaf

①Wash rice with water twice. Put water into rice, cook rice by rice cooker.
②Mix minced  pickled ume with cooked rice. Put thinly shredded perilla leaf on the rice.