The recipes of July

The recipes of July 2015.7.29

たれ みそ 塩ねぎ

YakitoriJapanese chicken shish kabob

Ingredients (for 4 servings)
2 chicken thighs
2 leeks
Salt and pepper

Sauce A  (soy sauce base)                
3tbsp soy sauce                          
1tbsp mirin (sweet sake)      
1tbsp sugar                             
10cm green leek end             
1teasp of ginger paste             
1tbsp potato starch              
1tbsp of water

Sauce B (miso base)
3tbsp miso
1tbsp mirin 
1tbso sugar
1teasp chili bean paste
1teasp garlic & ginger paste

Sauce C (salt &leek base)
3tbsp sesame oil
3tbsp minced leek
1tbsp salt
1tbsp garlic&ginger paste


①Put all the sauce A ingredients in a pot. Heat on low for 3mins.
②Place the chicken skin side up onto a cutting board. Then grab the skin from the end of the thigh and by using a knife to cut, pull and remove excess fat and dice the chicken into 2-3cm uniform cubes. Cut leek into
2cm long.
③Place the chicken at the front edge of the cutting board, hold firm and skewer the chicken &leek in turns.
You will use a lot of force when skewering, so be careful not to poke yourself. Sprinkle salt and pepper.
④Roast on high heat. When the chicken starts to turn color, turn over, remove from the heat and baste the sauce A on it.
⑤Place the chicken back onto the roasting rack. Baste when the sauce dries and repeat until it is nicely roasted.
⑥Sauce B and sauce C are spreaded over the chicken completely roasted.


Grilled eggplant

Ingredients (2 servings)
4 eggplants                                                      1 cup of Dashi soup stock
Grated daikon radish, as needed              2 tbsp soy sauce
Grated ginger, as needed                            1 tbsp mirin
Shaved dried bonito, as needed

①Make a shallow cut around the stems and pierce in several places with bamboo skewers.
②Heat a grill and cook the eggplants side by side over high heat. Grill thoroughly while rolling the eggplants
until blackened all around.
③Place the eggplant and paprika in cold water and peel. Drain well and place in a bowl. Garnish with the toppings,
Pour sauce on it.


Steamed rice with corn

Ingredients (4 servings)                  
2 cup of rice                          1/2 corn
2 and 1/4 cup of water      1teasp of salt
   10g butter
①Wash rice twice, add water , corn and salt then cook by rice cooker.
②After cooked rice, put butter on it. then mix it.