Unique food in Nagoya (Nagoya-meshi)

Unique food in Nagoya (Nagoya-meshi) 2015.12.14

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1,  Fried chicken Nagoya style (tebasaki/手羽先唐揚げ)

2, Shrimp tempura in rice ball (tenmusu/天むす)

3, Red miso stew (doteni/土手煮込み)

4, Miso pork cutlet sandwich (misokatsu sandwich/味噌カツサンドイッチ)

There are more Nagoya food. For example,

Ankake-spaghetti(hot spicy tomato and vegetable sauce with pasta)

Ogura-toast(sweetbeans on butter toast)Kishimen(fettucine noodle in soup)

Misonikomi(hard noodle in red miso soup) Taiwan-ramen,

Hitsumabushi(cutted broiled ell in and on  rice)

Most of them are strong taste.

Strong taste  match with strong beer!!